Road Network  

Turkana County has a total road network of approximately  9,000 km  o ut of which    504.5 km is bitumen   and the rest is made up of dirt or gravel roads that are constantly maintained by the County Government to minimize the effect of heavy rains and seasonal rivers.

The completion of the 500km A1 between Kitale town and the Kenya-South Sudan border  (Nadapal) has connected  Turkana County to the Central and Western parts of Kenya. This includes the urban centres along the transport corridor to the road network including   Lodwar, Lokichoggio, Lokichar, Kakuma, Lorugung, Lokitang, Lowareng, Kalokol,   and  Lokori.

Air Transport 

Air transport in the County continues to grow with daily scheduled flights operating between Nairobi and the airports in Lokichoggio and Lodwar.  The upgrading of Lodwar and Lokichogio airports  h as connected Turkana County to the Central and Western parts of Kenya.

The County has an additional   22 airstrips  making remote parts of the County, including Kakuma, accessible by air with flights operated by both private businesses and humanitarian organizations.

National Optic Fibre and LAPSSET Programs

Turkana County is also set to benefit from the National Optic Fibre Backbone project, currently terminating at Nadapal, connecting residents of Turkana County to high-speed Internet, as well as the Lamu Port and Lamu-Southern Sudan-Ethiopia Transport (LAPSSET) Corridor Program-   Eastern Africa’s largest and most ambitious infrastructure mega project.

Included in the LAPSSET Corridor Program are airport upgrades, inter-regional highways, oil pipelines, and a standard gauge railway that will position the county as an instrumental transport and logistics hub connecting Kenya, Ethiopia and South Sudan.