Why Invest in Turkana

Strategic Location

Connectivity for Trade and Logistics

Turkana County borders Ethiopia, Uganda, and South Sudan connecting the ports of Lamu and Mombasa to the greater East African region and offering transit connectivity between the three countries. This positions the County as a strategic hub with a range of unexploited investment opportunities in Trade and Logistics

Visionary Leadership

A Stable Political Environment

Turkana County boasts of a visionary, pragmatic, proactive, and competent County Executive working closely with the County Assembly and is committed to supporting investors with information and eliminating trade and investment barriers


Vast tracks of land with significant potential

With an area spanning nearly  68,680.3 square kilometres  the county has vast tracts of land with significant potential for irrigation, agribusiness, ranching, tourism and hospitality, mining operations, manufacturing, and renewable energy infrastructure

Green energy

Tap into production opportunities in green renewable energy

Turkana County provides the ideal location to tap into the production opportunities in green renewable energy to power energy-intensive industries in the region with its vast tracts of land and a hot-windy climate. This includes geothermal, hydroelectric power, wind power, solar energy, and biofuels.


Trading and Logistics Hub

The upgrading of Lodwar and Lokichogio airports coupled with the completion of the 500km A1 highway between Kitale town and the Kenya-South Sudan border has connected Turkana County to the Central and Western parts of Kenya. 

Turkana County is also set to benefit from the  Lamu Port - South Sudan Ethiopia -Transport (LAPSSET) Corridor Project that will enhance the County’s road, rail, airport, and oil pipeline infrastructure enhancing its strategic location as a gateway to serve the region as a trading and logistics hub. Turkana County will host one of the three  resort cities  planned for development under the LAPSSET Corridor Project.

Competitive Business Environment

Access to Business Opportunities

Investor-friendly policies and strong partnerships with National Government, and Business Member Organizations, Turkana County presents a frictionless business environment that gives investors unparalleled access to business opportunities in the greater East African region.